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Transportation case 2 000 mm

From our own experience with transportation and carrying of the models, we know how susceptible models are to physical damage. Fabric cases do not provide sufficient protection of the model against physical damage. That is why we are proud to be the first ones to offer you a safe moulded transportation cases, which are imitations of the real transportation Cobra vehicle. We are currently offering a smaller transportation case with a shoulder strap, suitable models under 3 000mm wing span and a larger transportation trailers on wheels for models up to 4 800mm and up to 6 000mm respectively.

Moulded transportation Cobra trailer with wheels, suitable for most scale sailplanes up to 4 800mm wing span.



Technical data transportation case
Lenght: 2 000 mm
Width: 310 mm
Frond Height: 300 mm
Tail Height: 415 mm
Weight: 5 300g
Price + 21%VAT: CZK 15491 ,-

orientation course 1EUR/25.15 CZK
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